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Modern Manners, Issue #004 -- Proper Gym Etiquette
March 05, 2011

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Tips For The Month

Spring is getting ready to show her beautiful colors. It is a great time of year. The winter blues are receding, giving way to hope and new life. A lot of us feel this burst of energy in our hearts and bodies. Life is good.

As you start to feel this renewed energy, you may feel like you want to hit the gym to get back into shape for the summer months. It is a wonderful idea. Staying healthy is vital to staying happy. And happy people are more likely to show good manners and etiquette.

This month we wanted to address gym etiquette. Even though you are there to get in shape, sweaty and work out, it is a place where manners are essential. Remembering the golden rule in the gym will go a long way. Make sure you do what you would like to have done. Here are a few examples:

Make sure you use your towel. If you are using a machine that requires you to lie down put the towel down and lay on it. It will reduce the amount of calories burned left behind.

Wipe down any machine you use. Gyms now provide sanitized wipes for you to clean off the machines. Whether it is cardio or weight training, wipe them down. No one wants to share your DNA.

If you are lifting free weights, grab the weights you need and move to a different spot to train. It makes it easier for others to grab the weights that they need. Standing in front of the weights doing curls does not make you look better, it makes you look annoying.

In the locker room, remain as modest as possible. Cover up with a towel when showering and dressing. Enough said.

Use lap swimming etiquette when you are in the pool. It will make your workout so much better when you work with the others that are swimming.

Running on the track? Be sure to follow the guidelines for speed. Some tracks designate certain lanes for faster and slower runners. Please move over if there is someone that comes up to pass you. I have mowed down a few people who did not get out of the way after I asked them to. Now the mowing down is a bad example of gym etiquette, and so was the person who did not move.

Working out is a commitment you make for your health. Be sure to use your manners to make it beneficial for your heart and spirit too.

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Recommended Tools

Some of you may be the type of person that does not like to go to the gym because you do not like to work out in front of other people. Or, some of you just prefer the comfort of your own home.

With that in mind, your gym etiquette is not as important because you only have to be mindful of others in the home.

I (Kevin) like to work out at home instead of going to the gym. So, for those of you that are like me, this month's recommended tool is one that I love. It is a pair of Bowflex Free Weights.

We own these for our home gym and we love them. It is nice to have one set of free weights that will adjust to whatever weight limit you would like. You simply turn the dial to the desired weight, lift it out of the rack, and you have the amount of weight needed! It is pretty nifty...

I hate having a house full of different sized weights. It makes things cluttered, not to mention that it is expensive to buy a lot of weights. This solution fits our lifestyle very well.

You are going to love these weights and how they will help you stay in shape. You can pick them up here from Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells (Pair)


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Warm regards,

Kevin and Wendy

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