How Can Manners Help You Influence Others? 

Many think that manners are less important in today's busy, fast-paced world because there just isn't time for it. Think again...

That is where this website comes in. In our modern world, how you treat others and your actions (manners and etiquette) affect how people view you. When you can affect people's influence of you, you can use this persuasion and influence to improve many aspects of your life. Need an example?

Have you ever been in a business meeting and your ideas did not get acknowledged? Did you stop to think that maybe you might have said or done something that caused people to not believe in what you had to say? What you say and how you act is who you are. We want to show you how to use the power of manners and etiquette to your benefit. 

Before coming to this site, you might have thought that etiquette was just a list of things to do or not to do so that you looked "proper." Well, we want to change your perception of that. We do not want you to memorize a list of etiquette rules. We want you to use these principles to become someone that people are attracted to.

Using Manners To Influence OthersThe fact of the matter is that you can use these strategies on this website in just about any life circumstance. One of our best friends is a gentleman that many people think very fondly of. Why do they think this of him? Because he is kind, he has manners, he makes people feel good about themselves, and treats them how they want to be treated. But here is the interesting part...

People always tell us about how much they enjoy being around him. They feel empowered to do things when he is around. They are happier about who they are as a person because of how he makes them feel. These people will also seek opportunities to be with him so that they can feel those feelings again. 

Because of how they feel, they would do anything for him if he were to ask. That is the level of influence that you can attain when you put these principles to work in your life. 

This is why the site is called Modern Manners and Etiquette.  The "modern" approach that we want you to take from this is that you can hold power and influence over other people's mind.  

Etiquette is not just a bunch of silly rules...It is a way of life

Each section of the site will describe specific ways that you can use these fundamental principles to impact others around you. Many of them are based on circumstances that you will find yourself in (workplace, weddings, social events, etc.) so that you are prepared to make an impression at any time.

Welcome to our website. We look forward to helping you in your journey to display the right image to those around you. We hope you benefit from the information on this site as much as we enjoy making it available to you. 

Enjoy the journey.

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