Invitation Etiquette

~Set The Tone For Your Event~

Invitation etiquette, will allow you to create the tone for your upcoming special event even before it starts.  Your invitation should match the tone, thus giving the recipient an idea of what kind of party they will be coming to and what kind of clothing and dress they will be needing.

We have all received an invitation that did not make it past the mail pile. This could be a result of lackluster presentation, informal addressing or the delivery itself. Recently we were invited to the wedding of our neighbor. She came to the door and handed me the invitation with, "I guess we should invite you because you are good neighbors and all." What followed was an uncomfortable conversation that lasted until, finally, the fiance showed up. It could have been the most beautiful invitation I had ever seen, however the delivery killed the deal

invitation etiquetteHow your guests receive their invitations will show them how much you would like them to be a part of your event. If you are following etiquette for invitations, they will be very happy to make the necessary arrangements to be there.  If you are having an event that your guests will be required to travel from out of town, send the invitation at least 6 weeks prior. If you are planning far in advance, a 'save the date' card is very appropriate. Following good save the date etiquette will allow your guests to make all necessary travel arrangements.

A wedding definitely requires wedding invitation etiquette on so many levels, because there are multiple invitations that will be sent out.  First and foremost, wedding invitation addressing etiquette should be followed to the letter. Wedding invitation wording etiquette will help you design your invitation with class. Manners  Using the bridal shower invitation etiquette and wedding rehearsal dinner invitation etiquette your guests will be able to share in the festivities. Guests should follow the wedding invitation response etiquette to show the bride and groom that they are honored that they were invited to share in their special day.

It is a fabulous idea to use dinner invitation etiquette when inviting a special someone to spend an evening with you. Setting the tone for a romantic evening is possible from the get go.

New moms and mothers to be love to have baby showers thrown for them. Baby shower invitation etiquette shows how to have cute invitations and also helps the guests to know if it is a boy or a girl or if it will be a surprise.

Let us not forget the party invitation etiquette! We all love to share a good party with our family and friends. It is always fun to receive an invitation to something like this when it has been well planned and thought out.

Maybe you are going to have a family reunion and need some help with the invitations. This sample family reunion invitation will help you create an amazing event!

Although it isn't technically an "invitation" birth announcement etiquette fits this category of invitations and announcements very well. These tips will help you share this special event.

When you are throwing any kind of party or gathering, you need to invite those you want to share your time with. Inviting them with etiquette and style will set the tone and create a memory too.

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