Social Etiquette To Improve Those Awkward Moments

What is social etiquette all about? For us, it is about those moments that seem a little uncomfortable when you are with others. You know those moments that we are referring to. 

We all run into those moments of being with complete strangers and we find the situations a little awkward or uncomfortable.  In many cases, the rules are unwritten and we just do our best to make the uncomfortable moment more comfortable. 

Social EtiquetteSometimes, we break rules of etiquette that we never knew about because these rules are not well known. We will do our best to uncover those rules and explain them in a way that makes those moments easier

As an example, what is the proper etiquette when you get into an elevator with complete strangers? Did you know that there is such a thing as elevator etiquette? These rules of etiquette refer to where you stand, how you make eye contact (or not) and more. 

I know some people that like to use their pets to meet people and be social. These dog etiquette tips will help you do this without offending others.

Are you planning on attending a prom? That is such a special event. You cannot afford to get your prom etiquette incorrect. These tips will help you shine like a star!

There are also those awkward moments in public bathrooms. How do you show etiquette in the bathroom? For guys, there is also urinal etiquette. That is a topic that can be gross and amusing at the same time. For all of us, whether it is business or public, restroom etiquette goes a long way.

What about massage etiquette? There are also rules when you go get a massage and a complete stranger is rubbing you down. It is easy to have some uncomfortable moments in that kind of a setting. These social manners tips can help this time be less awkward. 

Coffee shop etiquette is another area that is not often talked about. There are rules of manners and etiquette about that type of a social situation. 

Maybe you like to wear cowboy hats and you want to know what cowboy hat etiquette is all about. These thoughts will have people tipping their hat to you even if they are not wearing a hat.

Have you been invited to a wine tasting event? Then you will want to brush up on your wine tasting etiquette so that you have a great time without offending anyone.

Want a blast from the past and see how manners and etiquette played in your social status? If so, you should see how Victorian etiquette defined who you were and what your social status would be.

If you are going through a divorce, there can be some difficult decisions and adjustments to be made. These tips on divorce etiquette can help you make the best of a bad situation. 

Another social etiquette situation would be tipping people. These ideas for tip etiquette will make sure you are not uncomfortable when you need to leave a tip for someone.

Have you ever rented an apartment before? There are some interesting social experiences with your neighbors in these kinds of settings. These apartment renting tips can make a huge difference.

What happens if you are summoned for jury duty or if you work in a courtroom? These ideas on courtroom etiquette will help you.

Some of these topics will be serious. Others will be a little light-hearted. If nothing else, it can always bring a smile to your face. That is the point of these social etiquette ideas.

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