Telephone Etiquette - Use It To Influence Other People

The topic of telephone etiquette has grown over the years. As technology has advanced, so have the rules of phone manners. But remember, we do not want to just simply give you a bunch of "rules" you should follow. We want to show you how to use these rules to influence others and present yourself in the best possible image. 

How to do that? Let me give you an example of how not to do it...

I used to do consulting for a few years back. The consulting was such that I would make weekly phone calls to my clients to follow up on their progress and give them directions for the next steps they should take in their business. 

On one such phone call, I had called my client's cell phone. As the phone call went on, he proceeded to go into the restroom and...well...take care of business. He did not mute the phone. He did not say, let me call you back. 

The memory is something that has stuck with me for years now. His telephone manners were terrible and he made a negative impression on me. 

Telephone Etiquette Bad ExampleI am sure all of us have run into situations like this picture. We have all had a time when someone on a cell phone was not using their best phone manners and offended people. This is precisely what we want to help you with. We want to show you how cellular phone etiquette will help you win people over

Business telephone etiquette is another area where your etiquette may be lacking. We can show you how to use proper phone etiquette that will win over your cubicle buddies at the office, or how to impress your clients on the phone and win their business. 

There is also an etiquette to leaving a voice mail. Voice mail etiquette is another extension of your overall phone manners. 

There are new rules being made when it comes to texting etiquette. As texting has become more mainstream, people have become more offensive when it comes to their phone use for texting. We can show you how to text to your heart's content, without being offensive. 

Another area of phone manners where we can help you is with speakerphone etiquette. There are times when the speakerphone is appropriate and times that it is not. In fact, we have always been surprised to hear about some conversations people have when they are on the speakerphone. Some conversations are not for the public. 

The main idea here is that you need to show people that you have proper telephone etiquette. Although it seems like such a small thing, it does not make sense to work on influencing people in other areas of your life and continue your bad habits on the phone. Remember the solid rule:

What you say and how you act is who you are. We hope you use these tips and ideas to improve each day...

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