Sports Etiquette - Being Polite and Competitive at the Same Time!

Sports etiquette is something that is forgotten in today's world. In fact, it seems society embraces those that are poor sports. I want to do my part to help change that. 

I figured that the best way for me to help correct this issue is to create a section of this website that is dedicated to sports manners. Granted, I know that this web page will probably not be viewed by the people that need this information. However, I do want to get the word out so that athletes (and parents) can be better sports. 

Bad sports etiquette runs rampant in our society. I see it when I see parents acting like fools at their children's sports game. I see it when athletes are "trash talking" each other. I see it when the whole point of making a great play is to make the other person look bad. It doesn't need to be like that. 

Sports Etiquette10Parents should be able to go to a youth game and support their child instead of yelling demeaning things to the other players, coaches, or referees. In fact, this type of behavior has made it so that my wife and I have to sign a form when my son played basketball. The form stated that we would display good sportsmanship and that we would be asked to leave if we didn't. I find it sad that they have to have parents sign a form like that

I understand that "talking trash" is part of today's game. It is used as a way to psychologically get inside the head of your opponent. My biggest issue with it is that it is mean-spirited in nature. I find it sad that you have to put someone down to make yourself feel better. It would be better to win on the scoreboard. The other team would know who won without making them feel bad. 

My parents taught me early on when I was playing sports that if I were ever displayed poor sportsmanship, they would come out of the stands and take me off of the court. So, it never was an option for me to do that to someone. I think we need to instill that mentality on our children by teaching them sportsmanship on the field and off.

Tennis is a game with a reputation of good sportsmanship. These tennis etiquette tips will help you show your best side.

There is also golf rules etiquette to live by. Most people on the golf course do not follow these rules. 

A bowling alley is a place where etiquette is unwritten, but necessary. Bowling etiquette will help those who are really serious about the sport and those who are there for fun be able to roll together.

Running etiquette will help you train and race effectively, while allowing others to accomplish the same goal. Or, if you like to hike, these hiking etiquette ideas will help you enjoy the experience. 

There is also an unspoken gym etiquette on how to act at the gym. These tips can help you from offending others at the gym. Lap swimming etiquette goes a long way in the pool. Yoga etiquette will allow you to center and enjoy your journey. Or, do you plan on using the sauna after a good workout? Sauna etiquette can ensure that everyone in there has a good experience. 

After your workout, you will probably go to the locker room. These locker room etiquette ideas will help you avoid that awkward feeling that can come from the locker room.

If you are involved in martial arts and training in weapons, then you should review this sword etiquette.

Even though some may not consider it a "sport", these tips on chess etiquette belong here because it deals with proper sportsmanship and competing the right way.

These sports etiquette ideas will help you display better sportsmanship while still playing to win!

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