Gift Etiquette

~It Is The Thought That Counts~

Gift etiquette comes in handy at any time of the year. There are so many occasions that will require one to send or bring a gift. Following a few simple rules, gifts can be the funnest, most thought provoking parts of the event, evening or time of year. Remember it is not about you, it is about the person you are buying for.

gift etiquette tipsWe have all received gifts from those around us that scream, "I just threw this together" or "My friend gave this to me and I didn't like it, so here you go." While there is the old adage, "It is the thought that counts", some gifts scream with the lack of thought put into them. Giving a gift is not about how much you spend, it is a true act of kindness. As you put thought into what you would like to give, think about the relationship you have with that person, think about things you have in common, think about the little things they say that reflect their desires and dreams. As you do this, you will come up with a perfect gift for that person.

Gift giving manners are shown when the gift is presented at the appropriate time. It is a good practice to present the gift as you arrive and are greeted by your host. Obviously, different events will call for different types of gifts. Baby shower gift manners is different than dinner party gift etiquette. Use your judgment and act accordingly.

Appropriate gift manners are always required. At times when sympathy gift etiquette is required, be respectful of the situation and the people involved. There are times that you will need to be aware of their feelings and give a gift that is well thought out.

Weddings are a time when gifts are given at different stages. Engagement gift etiquette, wedding shower present etiquette and the actual wedding present etiquette are examples of what to expect when you are involved in an event such as this. Timing is vital.

Are there times when money is an appropriate gift? Yes.  Money gift etiquette is good to follow, as there are people who are (as weird as it may sound) offended when they are given money as a gift. Wedding gift amount etiquette will help you determine how much to spend or give to a happy couple. College graduation gift etiquette will show you the best way to celebrate that accomplishment. Using your judgment in these situations will help you avoid this kind of awkwardness.

Should you send a gift if you cannot attend? Gift manners show that if you are not attending the event you are not required to send a gift. However, if you have the desire to do so to show the people you are thinking of them, you can't go wrong in sending a little something for them. You can order flowers and have them delivered the same day or send a heartfelt note with a gift card to a local restaurant you know they frequent. If you are late with a gift, remember it is never too late to send one.

Do you have some high school graduations coming up? Follow these tips on graduation gift giving to make the best impression.

An important part of gift etiquette comes from the one who has received the gift. Using thank you note etiquette will show the gratitude you have felt when someone has thought of you.

If you are planning on personalizing a gift for someone, then these rules for monogram etiquette will help you make that special impact.

The etiquette of giving gifts is as simple as taking the time to put your wants aside and think about the person receiving the gift. The gifts that are cherished are the ones that the person receiving the gift knows that the giver has been paying attention and listening to them. It truly is the thought that counts.

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