Baptism Etiquette Tips

Proper baptism etiquette makes a huge difference with a special event like this. Some people may wonder what is appropriate at a religious ceremony like baptism. These tips will help you know what you should know to make it a memorable occasion. 

The first thing you must realize about baptism is the meaning and purpose behind it. Most Christian religions teach that baptism accomplishes several things. It shows one's devotion to the church and they officially become a "member" of that church. It also fulfills a requirement that they believe is necessary to return and live with God. Lastly, most religions teach that baptism also washes away sins. 

With that background, you can understand that this is a solemn, reverent ceremony for those that are involved. Because of the nature of the ritual, generally those that are invited are the congregation (since this is typically performed in a church) and close family and friends. If you have been invited to attend a baptism, you should consider it an honor based on the close personal nature of the event. 

Baptism EtiquetteBefore you attend, you need to know that not all religions practice baptism the same way. Depending on the church, it could be baptism done by sprinkling some water on the head of the person being baptized as seen in this picture. Or, there are some religions that believe baptism should be done by immersion (completely submersing the person under water). So, be prepared for either depending on the faith of the people that invited you. 

Dressing for the event is another important aspect of baptism etiquette. Based on the type of event this is, you do not want to call a lot of attention to yourself or show to much skin. This is definitely a time to be conservative and dress in your best clothes. 

For men, I would suggest wearing a dress shirt, tie, and jacket (a suit is also great). For women, I would recommend wearing a dress, or skirt and shirt. Simple elegance is a great way to describe what you should look like. You want to look nice, without it being too flashy or showy

Generally, gifts are not required but it is a nice gesture. If you did not give the baby a gift at their baby shower when they were born, this is a good idea to do it now. 

Proper baptism etiquette for gift giving would include something that has some kind of religious symbolism or a way to remember the day. 

Since baptism is supposed to show a sign of conversion and commitment to a religion, it is a very neat occasion to be a part of. 

I hope these tips on baptism etiquette help you make the day special for the person being baptized as well as their family.

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