Blogging Etiquette For Blogs

The concept of blogging etiquette deals with people that run a blog and how to do it with proper manners and etiquette. These ideas will make sure that you create a great experience for your readers so that they will not only come back, but spread word of your blog to others. 

One of the first decisions you must decide is what kind of blog you are going to run. Will it be one for your family so that they know what is going on in your life? Will it be on a hobby like a sport, recipes, or hand-made crafts? With these types of blogs, it is hard to go wrong. Your general audience will be hard to offend because they know what your blog is about, or they know you personally. 

Blogging EtiquetteIf you are blogging as a business, then you must be aware of your target audience and what they want. I recommend staying away from topics that are highly controversial in nature (government, religion, etc.) as it ends up being a breeding ground for people to argue incessantly. 

If I were setting up a business, that is not the kind of business I would want to have. I would hate to argue with my readers every day. I can't imagine that being fun and it certainly is against blogging etiquette. There will definitely be some people offended by comments on those topics. 

Speaking of comments, that is one topic that is highly debated by people: should they allow people to comment or not? I think the answer to this has to do with the purpose of the blog. 

If you are having a personal blog about your family or something like that, then comments are nice. It allows friends and family members to make comments about your adventures and family events. 

If you are really concerned about strangers making comments on that kind of a blog, most blogging platforms have a password feature where only people that know the password can view the content on the blog. 

If you are using it for business purposes, then you have to weigh out the pros and cons. What happens if a customer posts on your blog that they were unhappy with your product or service? It is important to think through some of these issues before you ever get started. 

I would also suggest you consider what kind of tone you will have with your writing? Do you want to sound playful and fun, or do you want to sound like an encyclopedia? Your writing style will either attract readers, or turn them off very quickly. And you had no idea that the way you wrote would have such an effect on your blogging etiquette!

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