Boss Etiquette - Rules For Prosperity

What is boss etiquette? It is how you interract with your boss and how they perceive you in return. In today's workplace, you cannot underestimate the importance of relating with them in a positive way. 

There are things that you can do to show your superior that you value them and to improve that relationship. 

How you relate with your boss is somewhat a fine line to walk. Most people want to be appreciated and valued in the eyes of their boss, but they also do not want to be the "teacher's pet" type of relationship either. There are ways to balance that relationship and make it simple and effective. 

Here are our tips:

Boss EtiquetteBe Respectful - Many supervisors have a schedule full of meetings to go to. Usually, they have more expected of them than they can possibly accomplish. So, rather than frequently talking with them (which is important to build a relationship), be respectful of their time and ask them if they have a moment or if they need to do something else. 

Although this may seem like a small thing, it is actually a huge part of great boss etiquette. Most people would just barge into their day and interrupt them. This takes away from their productivity and they always feel like they are being pulled in a bunch of directions. When you show respect over and over, they will appreciate the thought you put into it. 

Be Formal Until They Say Otherwise - What we mean is to be proper with them at all times. It would be very appropriate to call them Mr. or Mrs. (Last Name) or to use Sir or Ma'am when talking to them directly. It is a sign of respect and courtesy. 

Likely, they will tell you to use their first name but you have showed them respect by doing it the right way. 

Ask To Help - From time to time, it is never a bad thing to ask your superior if they need help with any of their work or projects. I know this sounds crazy (why would you want to take on more work?) but think about this for a second...

Most of the people in a work environment are only there to collect a paycheck. They want to do the least amount of work possible and then go home. If you show your boss that you want to go above and beyond and you ask them if there is anything you can do to help, you have automatically placed yourself above the rest of your co-workers in the eyes of your boss. This is a great way to show boss etiquette and stand out from the crowd. 

Will it result in more work? Maybe...but hard work always helps people get ahead in life and in work. 

Show Your Support - We have seen a lot of people that will stab their superior in the back when talking with their co-workers and that information ends up getting back to the boss. This is one of the fastest ways to kill that relationship with your boss. 

Even if your boss does things that you do not agree with, do not share that with your co-workers. Sharing negative things will never help you in the workplace. People view you as a complainer and you do not want that kind of reputation. 

Meeting Etiquette - If you have a meeting with your boss and others, or you see that your boss is on a teleconference or conference call, show respect. We see people that will constantly disrupt meetings or try to interrupt their boss when in a meeting. Be thoughtful and respect their time. This is another way to respect them and show proper boss etiquette. 

If you use these ideas, you should have a great relationship with your boss and that usually leads to more opportunity in the workplace. Work hard and be respectful and things always turn out for the best.

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