Business Etiquette Tips Designed To Impress Other People At Work

These business etiquette tips will help you make a positive impression at work. Making a great impression is becoming more and more important in today's world. These business manners ideas will help you make the right impression on people. 

The expression "it isn't what you know it is who you know" is becoming increasingly important. You must have people on your side in order to progress in today's economy. You can never put too high of an importance on having proper business etiquette. 

Business Etiquette TipsHave you noticed those people at the office that no one seems to like? That is exactly the person that you do not want to be. Those  people are generally the first to be let go when there is a downsizing or they are the person that is looked over when there is an opportunity for promotion. 

These are just a few reasons why these business etiquette tips are important for your career. Let's get started...

Business Etiquette Tips

1. Dress appropriately - Make sure that you follow the dress code at your place of work. Business casual is usually the standard dress code, but make sure you know before you get there. Your attention to your clothing and dress says a lot about you. If there is something special going on (special event, an important meeting, or a guest in the office) it is a good idea to step up the dress code a little bit. 

2. Be on time - Being late makes a negative impression. If you are late, people think that you do not value their time. In fact, being a few minutes early is always good advice for workplace etiquette.

3. Handshakes tell a lot about a person - Never underestimate the value of a handshake. The rule of handshaking is to go for the thumb of the other person. The webbing of your thumb should connect with the webbing of the other person's thumb. Then give a good shake that is firm (without squeezing the other person's hand to death). This lets them know that you are polite and important. 

4. Avoid vulgarity or obscene stories - This type of behavior will not help you gain a positive image in the mind of your co-workers. General rules of etiquette are also a part of these business etiquette tips. 

5. Drama is better left for the movies - I know people that thrive on being part of the office drama. If there isn't any drama going on, they will go out of their way to create it. You do not need this kind of image in the workplace. 

Over time, one of the people I know that has created drama has alienated herself from others in the office and doesn't understand why. The fact is, people did not want to be associated with that kind of a person. They did not need that kind of negative energy during the day. 

6. Attitude is everything - You can not underestimate the value of your attitude. Since these business etiquette tips are designed to influence other people in a positive way, you want to demonstrate a positive attitude at all times. There is nothing more contagious than a positive attitude. Your positive attitude is something that people will be happy to catch from you. 

These business etiquette tips will help you make the right impression at your place of work. Again, you can never place too much emphasis on making the right impression with people.

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