Career Etiquette - Getting Ahead The Right Way

Career etiquette is all about thinking long-term and doing the right things that will help you move your business career forward...the right way. 

I have seen people that tried to further their career the wrong way. They tend to take credit for other people's work or ideas, stab others in the back, and do anything they could to get ahead of others. 

While this may prove successful in the short-term, there are long-term drawbacks

If you have to pull others down to get a management position, think about this: If you are successful getting the position, who are the people you are going to manage? Yep, the very ones you stepped on to get there. Good luck getting them to buy into your leadership and getting them to do anything for you. 

If you want to show proper career etiquette and get ahead the right way, much of it depends on how you interact with others and your own work ethic and abilities. 

This base philosophy is summed up real well by Jim Rohn. He said:

"My father taught me to always do more than you get paid for as an investment in your future." - Jim Rohn

Career EtiquetteIf you think about this, this idea is so important for your career. If you develop the reputation of going above and beyond (because you have done this time and time again), new opportunities will seek you out. People will want to have you as part of their organization because they know exactly what they are going to get. 

Another principle that has worked well for me in the business world is showing compassion for those you work with. I know many business experts that say that there should be a separation from managers and subordinates. I disagree completely. 

I have found that more of my team is willing to help me out and get the job done because they know I care about them. I ask them how their family is doing. How their hobbies are progressing. I ask what they did over the weekend. I may not be best friends with those on my team, but they know I care and they will go to extra lengths to get the job done. 

The expression that "no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care" has certainly worked well for me. In the sense of career etiquette, this has been important because it shows leadership skills which is something that is very much in demand in today's world. 

Another important aspect of being a leader is taking responsibility. It is so common in our society today that if something goes wrong, we like to blame someone else and make it "their fault." 

One of the greatest things you can do for your career etiquette is to take responsibility. See, if you take responsibility and everyone knows it is up to you and/or your team, and then you work really hard as suggested above, what happens when it is successful? The recognition and praise will come to you. 

When you take responsibility, you do not have to worry about someone taking the credit for it. You took the credit for it (good or bad) before the result ever came. 

Remember to think about the long-term when it comes to the day to day decisions. Those are the ones that really count when it comes to career etiquette.

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