Cellular Phone Etiquette Tips To Avoid Getting Others Angry

Cellular phone etiquette is a little bit different than other areas of etiquette. In many cases, you can use proper manners and etiquette to increase people's image of you in their minds. With cell phone etiquette, it is all about ensuring you do not give off a negative impression of yourself. But if you successfully avoid the negatives, your mobile phone manners will impress people. 

Cellular Phone EtiquetteAll of us have been in a public place where someone has been on the phone and you wish they hadn't! Have you heard couples having a fight on the phone in public? I have...

Have you heard people discussing business that also should not be shared with others? Me too...

And there is nothing that irritates me more than hearing people on the phone in the bathroom. I do not need to hear about an intimate conversation when I am taking care of business. 

So, how do you avoid irritating others while still using your cell phone? You have come to the right place!

Cellular Phone Etiquette Tips

These are the cream of the crop tips that you need to observe in order to keep from offending others:

1. Impress people by getting rid of the ringtone: Ringtones seems to be all the rage right now. Most people like to have the ringtone from a popular song. While this may be "cool", it is not very cool when this song goes off in a business meeting, the movie theater, or even in church. 

In order to keep people thinking highly of you, you really should avoid these ringtones. It will probably hurt you more than it will help you. 

2. Silence is golden: As discussed above, there are times when it is really inappropriate for a cell phone to ring. Imagine being at a funeral service and hearing U Can't Touch This on someone's ringtone. Needless to say, that would be offensive to many people. 

Cell phones have a silent, or vibrate mode. This is a great way to still be aware of incoming calls/texts without disrupting other people.

3. Let the phone do the work: There is this magical mystery that occurs when people are on their cell phone. In cases where the person on their cell phone is having a hard time hearing the other person, they feel the need to yell back in order to be heard. You don't need to do this...

Most cell phones have a modulator that picks up soft voices to make them sound louder. In fact, you could even talk in a quiet, subdued voice and the other person would be able to hear you. You don't need to be loud...let the phone do it. That is proper cellular phone etiquette. 

Cell Phone Etiquette In A Crowd4. If possible, keep your distance: No one likes it when you are talking on the cell phone right next to them in their ear. The polite thing to do is to keep your distance as much as you can. 

This will keep the other person happy and allow you the privacy you need for your phone call no matter what you are talking about on the phone. 

5. Respect the person that you are with: I have seen people out on social events or on dates use their cell phones at will to either text or to take calls. There is nothing you could do more that would make the person you are with feel unimportant and special. 

If you are with someone, especially in a social setting, keep the phone away. Spend the time to make them feel important. 

These tips should help you exercise proper cellular phone etiquette. Remember that in order to hold a positive place in people's mind, you have to avoid things that would make them think less of you. It is all about winning friends and influencing people for good. 

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