Cubicle Etiquette

Cubicle etiquette is another important facet of workplace etiquette.  As the workplace continues to get more and more competitive, the smallest thing can prevent you from future opportunities. 

And let's face it, when it comes to additional opportunities in the workplace, you must have a combination of what you know, and who thinks highly of you. That is the power of etiquette...

Proper etiquette is all about being thoughtful of others and thinking of their needs. When you do this the right way, people will just automatically think more of you. This is why we created this page on cubicle etiquette. We want you to be able to win over other people. Manners and etiquette will help you do just that. 

Cubicle Etiquette Tips

Cubicle EtiquetteIf something is private, keep it that way - If you are having a private conversation (either on the phone or with another coworker) do not talk about it in your cubicle. Your cubicle neighbors do not want to hear about these sensitive matters. Go into a conference room or step outside for those conversations. 

Be considerate of other people's sniffers - The sense of smell is one of the most poweful senses we possess. However, what smells good to one person smells like garbage to another. 

Be careful of the smells you bring to the office. I know people that must take a bath in cologne/perfume because that is all you can smell. If you are going to use cologne or perfume (which is fine) just use it in small doses. Avoid eating in your cubicle as well. 

Decorate with taste - You need to use good judgment when decorating your cubicle. Where I work, there are very few women in the office. There is one cubicle in particular that has a calendar of bikini women hanging on the wall. While this might be "cool" in his eyes, the few girls there do not share the same opinion. 

Avoid things that are controversial. That would include things that are political, spiritual, sensual, or cultural. There are plenty of things that you can use to decorate that are in good taste without offending others. 

Be aware of your voice - I think we have all had that cubicle neighbor that had no concept of their personal volume level. Talking loudly all the time is one easy way to annoy others. Good cubicle etiquette will help you realize that people can hear you even when you are not thinking about it. 

Respect other's privacy - Although it is difficult to not spy over the cubicle wall, or listen in on other's conversations, be respectful of others. It is not good cubicle manners to chime in on other's conversations or to peek over at them. Give them the same respect that you would want. 

Use the Golden Rule - Act in your cubicle the way you would have others act. It shows good professional etiquette when you treat your space and the space of others around you with respect.

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