Dating Fashion Etiquette

~Looking Classy is the Key to Acting Classy~

Dating fashion etiquette is key to impressing your date, whether it be your first date or 50th date.  For men and women alike, how you look will tell your date how you feel about them.

You have been asked out on a date for a reason. That other person obviously liked something about you enough to want to share more time with you. How you dress will be a reflection of who you are on the inside. Proper grooming is a good start to showing confidence within yourself.

Make an Effort.

First off, show you are happy to be going on a date with this person. Let this person know that you want to be there by making sure your clothing and dress look put-together. Match them. It is not good to show up on a date in a modge-podge of colors and styles that obviously do not look good together.

Keep it Modest.

This is just plain and simple good dating fashion etiquette.  Dress in a manner that shows you truly care about yourself. Avoid styles that are too revealing and too tight. Clothes that are that modest in cut and style will bring an air of comfort and confidence to the date.

Fresh & Clean.

When you are getting ready, wash and iron your clothes! This is great dating advice for men and women alike. You do not want to be out with your date and they are constantly staring at a stain or a mess of wrinkles on your clothes. You want them to be focused on you not a fashion faux pas.

Less is More.

Keep the accessories simple. The more you put on the more you will have to worry about. Your bling should not be what draws attention to who you are. A simple necklace, earrings, bracelet or ring will do.  Along those lines, do not overpower your date with the scent you have chosen for the evening. Keep it subtle.

Dress For the Type of Date You Will Be Going fashion

It is appropriate dating etiquette to ask where you will be going. This way you will know what type of outfit to wear. If the date is to be a surprise, it is still appropriate to ask what you should wear. You don't want to show up for a date of laser tag wearing a skirt and heals. Dating fashion etiquette and common sense show that formal dates require different clothing style than casual dates.

Dress Comfortably.

But not too comfortable. Showing up to a date dressed like you have given up on life (like George Costanza on Seinfeld) is NOT appropriate. Make sure that you can wear your clothes without constant tugging, adjusting or worrying. It is possible to be classy and comfortable.


Wearing nice looking shoes is vital to impressing your date. Your date will make certain assumptions about you by looking at your shoes. Clean and polished shoes are the best way to show you are a confident, put-together person. It really doesn't matter if what you are doing on your date calls for tennis shoes, flip-flops or dress shoes...make sure they look nice.

If you feel that you need to purchase a new set of clothes and shoes for an upcoming date, be sure to wear them prior to your date. While your clothes and/or shoes may have looked and felt fabulous in the store, they may not be that fabulous on a date. You want your first date conversations not to be on the subject of blistered feet.

Fashion etiquette is as simple as you make it. Looking classy is about keeping it simple, modest, clean and neat. You will be happier on your date by following this advice. Your date will be happier too, because you took the time to look good.


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