Death of a loved one.

Death of a loved one.

by Raymond Humphries
(Richmond, VA)

A close son just lost a loved one, his dear father. How would you approach someone to comfort that grieving person?

Mar 05, 2011
Comforting Someone
by: Kevin (Modern Manners Admin)

To tell you the truth, it has been my experience that there is nothing magical that you can say that will make him feel better.

Grieving is a normal part of life and it is normal to go through those emotions when losing a loved one has occurred.

Let me share a couple of experiences with you. When I was in high school, one of my friends (mind you I was not very close to him) lost his mother to cancer. I heard of her passing within an hour of it happening. I went over to his house and just hung out with him for a few hours. There wasn't anything special that I said. I was just willing to spend the time. To this day, he still remembers that and thanks me for it.

Several years ago, my wife and I moved to a new area and about a month after we lived there, my father passed away. I still remember all the people from our neighborhood that came to his funeral and viewing. It meant something to me that people would support me when they barely even knew me.

So, what is the point? I think the most meaningful thing you can do is to spend time with him. Let him know that there are people that love and support him. He will remember that you were there for him more than anything you would say.

I hope that helps!

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