Definition Of Netiquette And Examples

The definition of netiquette can sometimes be confusing. As an example, I once saw a definition of this on Wikipedia and it was extremely confusing even after already knowing the meaning.  

So, for this section on netiquette and online manners, I thought it would be appropriate to make it easier to understand and make some points on how to keep it from affecting others. 

Definition Of NetiquetteTo make it easy, the netiquette definition is really based on conducting yourself in such a way online that you do not offend others, cause them spam, or any other kind of harm. The technical definition states that is most applies to how you conduct yourself in message boards, forums, and chat rooms. However, with the advancement of technology, I believe that netiquette also extends to email etiquette, social media, and blogs as well. 

I see many examples of people that jump onto a message board to state their opinion in a very rude way. They cannot leave a post without calling someone a name, or some other impolite remark. These people are not showing proper netiquette. 

For some reason, the definition of netiquette goes out the window because they have some sort of anonymity. The very same thing happens in chat rooms. 

I think netiquette also extends to email etiquette as well. Do you have an email account where you receive emails about some magical method of making money, or some magical pill that makes certain body parts grow? These unwanted emails cause "spam" and this is also not proper online etiquette. I do not like to spend my time receiving these emails that I do not want. 

There are also many people who visit blogs to make comments that have no relevance to the topic of the blog or post. As a result, they are also creating spam in this version of online spam. 

The very simple concept is to conduct yourself online in the same way that you want to be treated. Who knew that the "Golden Rule" was going to prevail in our digital world?

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