Do we give a gift when a person walks or upon completion of classes?

Do we give a gift when a person walks or upon completion of classes?

Person just finished school, final trimester. After a week long spring break he will be beginning work at a company which has already hired the individual. Do we give the graduate a gift in a couple of days when we see that person for spring break or do we wait until he actual graduates and walks with his class in May?

Mar 02, 2011
by: Anonymous

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes

Feb 28, 2011
Graduate gifting
by: Wendy from Modern Manners and Etiquette

You have a good question here. The best way to give a college graduate a gift is whatever comes first the completion of classes or the walking. In your situation, it is good etiquette to give the gift when you will see him over Spring Break. He will have completed his classes by then and, by the sounds of it, is on his way to the professional world. A gift at this time is very thoughtful and helpful.
In some situations graduates do not want to walk with their classes and the gift is great after they have finished. Other times, the graduation ceremony is done at the same time and a gift at that time is perfectly acceptable.
Thank you for your question! I hope that this will help you!

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