Does one throw a baby shower for a second baby?

Does one throw a baby shower for a second baby?

by Kathy
(Holderness, New Hampshire)

A friend of my daughter has asked to help if there is going to be a shower, it is her second baby, can I throw a shower? Perplexed Mom

Apr 21, 2011
2nd Shower
by: Wendy (Modern Manners and Etiquette)

Dear Perplexed Mom~
Thank you for your question. There are differing thought processes about throwing baby showers for second babies. There are those who are totally against it. They generally feel that the mother to be is greedy. There are those who are totally for it. They are the ones who want to celebrate the new life and help the mother to be begin the baby journey again.

I personally think it is a fun idea to have a shower for a second baby. It is a wonderful time to celebrate with close friends and family. If you decide to throw a second shower, you can have definite themes. These can coincide with the things your daughter may need the most. If her first baby was a boy and her second baby is a girl (or vice versa) she will need a some things to get started. Diaper showers are also wonderful for her to stock up on these necessities.

Second baby showers are picking up in popularity. Take this time to celebrate a new little life coming into yours.

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Mar 27, 2012
Just a thought
by: Anonymous

I suppose it's in the spirit of how it all comes together. I recently received an invite from my niece for a shower for her second baby. It stated that they would prefer cash so they could get what they needed. The weekend following her shower, she and her mom went for a weekend road trip, just to have fun. I suppose once you give money, then it is given and you shouldn't have anything to say about it, but this time it bothered me. I think the tendency to have a shower for each baby born tends to be a selfish thing. I am not in favor.

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