Dog Etiquette Tips

Proper dog etiquette is all about how you treat your dog and how you keep it under control to keep others feeling safe and without concern. 

One of the biggest points that is hard for some pet owners to understand about proper pet etiquette is that not everyone has the same love and appreciation for your pets as you do. In fact, there are many that do not like pets because they are either allergic to them, or they have a fear of them. 

As a quick example, I am very afraid of horses which is probably bizarre for many people. I was run over by a horse as a kid and as a result, they frighten me. I know some people that were bitten by a dog at an early age and so they are afraid of them. 

Dog EtiquetteIf you keep this thought in the back of your head, you can begin to show proper dog etiquette when you have your pet around others. 

Many states and cities have laws about keeping your pet on a leash. When you are in a public place like a park or walking trail, you want to not only be able to keep your pet away from those that do not want to be around it, but also to protect your pet from bikers, skateboarders, or other people. 

Another part of the laws include pet owners to clean up after their pets. This mostly has to do with cleanliness and preventing disease. If you are out in public, you need to be prepared to clean up their feces and properly dispose of it. Even though this is not the funnest task, it is a part of proper dog etiquette. 

At the minimum, your dog should be able to obey basic commands. The commands would be things like Sit, Heel, Stay, or Lie Down. I would recommend that you do not take your dog out in public until they are able to do so. 

I know some people like taking pets to public places as it is a good way to break the ice and talk with other people. If you plan to do this, another nice part of pet etiquette would be to ask for the person's approval before your pet meets them. As an example, I do not like dogs to jump on me or lick me. I know your pet may mean well and it might be part of their friendly nature, but that doesn't mean it is welcomed by the other person. 

One other thing I have noticed about etiquette with your dog is that I have seen some dogs that were much larger than their owners. If the dog got a mind of their own and wanted to pursue something, there is no way that they could physically control their pet. Keep this in mind as you are out with others. They may wonder if you could control your pet and it may keep them away from you. 

As with any kind of etiquette, dog etiquette is another way to show people that you think about their feelings and show proper respect. That is what will open up relationships and create a sense of safety and thoughtfulness. 

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