Driving Etiquette Tips - Avoiding Road Rage

This page on driving etiquette should help everyone avoid the common issue of road rage. I know plenty of people that become a completely different person behind the wheel because they allow the actions of others to dictate their own mood. 

I have also heard many people say, "Wow the worst drivers in the world are all in (Insert your state or city)." This is not true and there are good and bad drivers everywhere. The real trick is knowing how to be in the good driver's category and not letting other people affect you

Top Driving Etiquette Ideas

One of the simplest ways to show driving manners is to use your signals at all times. We have all been in situations where were waiting to turn but there was an oncoming car. This forces you to wait so that you can turn after they pass. However, they turn at the last minute in a different direction without signaling when you could have turned a long time ago if they had signaled. 

Driving EtiquetteAs frustrating as this is, do not let it bother you. The important thing is to show the right behavior so that people are not signaling to you that you are number one (as they raise a finger you do not want them to raise). 

Another easy driving etiquette tip is to limit using your horn. No one likes to be honked at and doing it in a traffic jam just makes everyone more on an edge. Honking accomplishes very little. It is always better just to wait a few seconds instead of laying on the horn. 

When traveling on freeways or highways, stay out of the left lane unless you plan on driving faster or passing someone. I know that this is a common way for people to become irritated while driving. This is just a common courtesy issue. Be polite as you drive and people will thank you. 

One of the best driving tips I can give is that driving is not the time to be multi-tasking. When you are driving, just drive! Put your make up on at home. Get a hands-free device for your phone. Eating a meal should not be done while driving. It is just not safe. Not only is it a lack of etiquette, you are putting yourself and others in danger. Nothing is worth endangering others. 

Driving is a fabulous time to practice the golden rule in life. What you do for others, especially on the road, should be what you want them to do for you. I don't know many people who want road rage directed at them...

Hopefully, these ideas on etiquette while driving have been helpful. If done correctly, it will help you and others avoid road rage!

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