Elevator Etiquette Made Easy

What is elevator etiquette? It teaches you what to do for that awkward ride up or down the elevator with a bunch of strangers. Where do you stand and do you talk to others in there? These ideas will give make this awkward moment less awkward

Elevator Manners

There are unwritten rules about elevators that many of us inherently know, but some do not. Here are some tips for you:

Elevator EtiquetteWhen you are getting into the elevator, it does matter where you stand. If there are only two people on the elevator, then you should separate and put enough space between you. 

If there are three people there, then usually each person will go to a corner to spread things out. The same is also true for four people as they should each go to a corner. 

That part of elevator etiquette is easy but it becomes more difficult when there are more than four people. Once there are five or more people, you should go to the spot that has the most space, and think skinny thoughts. The social etiquette that is unwritten is that you should avoid touching people if at all possible. 

What should you do if you have items you need to put into the elevator (boxes, suitcases, etc.)? The proper etiquette here is to wait for an elevator that is not full. No one wants to have your items touching them and making it difficult to maneuver in the elevator. 

How do you act in an elevator in regards to talking to people or not? The unwritten rule is not to talk to people. As an example, I am quite tall and people have said that they find it intimidating to be around me because of it. If I were on an elevator and the only other person on there was another woman, I would not talk to her. She might feel threatened to have me talk to her in a space that she cannot escape for a few seconds. You have to think about how the other people feel

It is impolite to be on a cell phone in an elevator. People do not want to hear your personal conversation and it is inconsiderate to expose them to it. 

The most dreaded issue about the elevator is the dreaded gas bomb. What do you do if someone passes gas when you are in an elevator? The proper etiquette is to say nothing (even though you want to!) and hold your breath like there is no tomorrow. If you are the one that needs to pass gas, please do everyone a favor and use the stairs to do it. 

I hope these tips on elevator etiquette makes the short journey bearable for everyone involved.

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