Engagement Party Etiquette

~Bring Everyone Together In Style~

Engagement party etiquette is a fabulous way for the families and friends of the bride and groom to come together and become acquainted.

Typically the bride's parents are the ones to host the party. It is their blessing to be the first ones to share the good news. However, modern engagement party manners state that the bride and groom can host their party, as well as any family or friend that wants to take it on. engagement party style

However it is bad engagement party etiquette to ask the maid of honor or the best man to host this party. Each of them will be quite busy with the wedding preparations in the months to come. Don't forget the bridal shower and bachelor parties that will take place because of their efforts as well.

An engagement party is a great time to get both families together and introduce each other. It is also a wonderful time to share with those who will be involved in the wedding party and other close friends.

As the bride and groom are coming from two entirely different worlds, introductions will be a necessity. This is very good engagement party etiquette. Use the following guide for handling introductions flawlessly:
  • Introduce your fiance to everyone that is invited that they do not know. 
  • Good introduction etiquette will have you introduce the woman or oldest person first. 
  • Use a the title of a guest, such as Dr. 
  • Don't be shy about introductions. 
  • Use a firm handshake. No one likes to shake hands with limp fish.
  • Make sure you give some background information about the person you are introducing. This will give everyone something to talk about as the party progresses.
  • If you forget the person's name or do not know how to pronounce it, be classy about it. Simply ask. 
As for who you are inviting, it is proper wedding etiquette to invite guests to the engagement party who will be attending the wedding as well. Formal invitations can be sent to the guests, however they are not required. A simple phone call or email is definitely acceptable in this situation.

The party itself can range from formal to casual. They can be held in a fancy restaurant or in a backyard. It is completely up to the people hosting. Typically engagement parties run along the lines of mingling, so hosting it in a place that allows for this will make it a fun evening.

It is not typical engagement etiquette for the guest to bring presents for the couple, therefore they should not be accepted. If you do have a guest that chooses to bring a gift, open it in private. Be sure to thank the guest at the time and use good thank you note etiquette later.

Good wedding etiquette starts with the engagement. Using the engagement party to announce and acquaint the families will get things started on the right foot. Good engagement party etiquette will help you have fun in the process.

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