Extended Family Relationships - How To Reconnect In Little Time

Many people's extended family relationships suffer because they do not make a point of connecting with them. As with anything else in life, if you do not make a conscious effort to connect with them, it will not happen.  These ideas will help you connect with them in very little time. 

Extended Family Relationships Ideas

Many of us have great intentions to keep in touch with our aunts, uncles, cousins and other extended family members, but we do not do it. Why?

Extended Family RelationshipsAlthough it is a terrible excuse, the main reason that we do not do it is that we do not have the time.  So, the whole point of many of these suggestions is to be able to connect but doing so in a way that leverages your time. 

Life is all about keeping things in balance. Those relationships with extended family members is part of that balance. Sure, it is not the most important aspect of keeping things in balance, but it does have its part. 

One of the easiest ways to stay connected with many of your extended family members at once is to attend family reunions and get togethers. Many families hold family reunions once a year or every other year. This is a great way to see many of them at once during the same period of time. 

You are probably thinking to yourself that those are the very events that you purposefully missed. We know that is the case. We all have that black sheep in the family that we try to avoid but we always run into them at the family events. In spite of that, it is a great way to leverage your time. Think of it this way:

If you had to spend time to talk to each one of them separately outside of the family event, how long would it take you? It would take much longer than attending the reunion and talking to everyone at once. That is why I recommend attending them to maintain your extended family relationships. 

Another easy way to do it is to use social media to keep up with them. Most people these days have a Twitter or Facebook account. It is an easy way to stay connected and know what is going on in their lives. This also takes very little time or you to set up. 

You do need to be careful what you post for your tweets and status updates especially if there is something that you do not want the rest of your family to know. 

If you have specific family members that you want to reach out to, schedule a reminder on your calendar to call them. We know this seems obvious, but if you put it on your calendar, it tends to get done as it is not forgotten. 

Since the lack of time and procrastination are the major reasons you do not stay in touch with them, scheduling to call them will help with both issues. 

The benefits of staying in touch are important. It adds some more balance to your life. It helps to have connections in life when it comes to needing some home/car maintenance, job search, or needing a referral. 

We hope these simple tips make the daunting task much easier.

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