First Date Conversations - The Top Tips For Great Conversations

First date conversations can be awkward and difficult to manage. In many cases, bad conversation will make for a long, painful date. You can avoid this though...

The way to avoid this is to ensure that you can engage the other person in gripping, meaningful conversations. In order to do that, you must have some conversation starters ready to use and you must be able to read the other person. 

Part of demonstrating good dating etiquette is to know what and when to say it. There are great things that you can talk about on a date, and things that you should not talk about. The key is knowing the difference...

And that is where this web page comes in to help you! We have assembled some great ideas, tips, things you should say, and things you shouldn't say on a first date. In fact, many of these principles apply to any type of date, but the first one is the most critical. 

First Date Conversations Tips

First Date Conversations1. Place the focus where it should be - The focus should be on your date at all times. Most people have a tendency to talk about themselves. For most people, the most interesting person on the planet is...themselves! So, let's use this to our advantage...

Ask questions that will allow the person to open up about themselves. Do not ask questions that they could answer with a yes/no answer. The point is that we want them to answer so that they open up. 

2. Listen! This simple tip seems to elude most people when it comes to first date conversations. When you ask a question, you need to listen to what they say. There is nothing worse than someone is not paying attention to you or hearing what you say. In order for the conversation to go well, you must listen to their response and comment about it so that they know you were paying attention. 

Usually, most people are not listening because they are busy trying to think of another question to ask. While they are thinking about the next question, they miss what the other person said. To avoid this from happening, think about your questions beforehand. The preparation time will be well worth it. 

3. Avoid difficult subjects - When it comes to a first date, there is nothing that will kill the date faster than talking about religion, politics, or anything else that is controversial. These are topics that many people are passionate about and have strong opinions. If they have a different opinion than you and it turns into a debate, then you have failed and there will not be a second date. 

Let's face it...the first date is not the time to see what their position is on political parties, abortion, or anything of the like. Spend the time getting to know someone and trying to build a friendship. Anything that takes away from building a friendship is unimportant. 

4. Build on common ground - The easiest way to maintain healthy first date conversations is to find something that the two of you have in common. The purpose of the first date is to build a relationship and see if you would like to continue the building process. If you are focusing on how they are different from you, you are missing the boat. 

Ask about interests, hobbies, what they do in their spare time. Find something that the two of you are passionate about. This will add fuel to the conversation fire. 

5. Relax - This is usually easier said than done. It has been my experience that the more stressed I get about conversation, the worse it ends up being. So, the easiest thing to do is to not worry too much about it. 

I hope these first date conversations tips will help you on your next date.

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