First Date Etiquette

~Make a Classy First Impression~

Using first date etiquette is vital when you are trying to impress someone you are out with for the first time. These dates can be difficult as you try to navigate through the unknown. Following a few simple steps will help you relax and enjoy yourself.

Men and women alike are looking for someone they love to spend their time with. Dating is a perfect way to get to know someone on a one-on-one basis.  The first date is a good time to assess the personality and qualities of each other. The following is a first date etiquette list of what to do and what not to do on a first date.

First Date Do'sfirst date couple

  1. Look Good, Smell Good. Grooming is vital for the first date, and any date for that matter. Take the time to shower, do you hair, do your makeup (for the ladies), dress nice (your clothing and dress are very important) and apply that special scent. This will help you feel comfortable in your own skin.
  2. Be On Time. When you go to pick up your date, which you should do, be on time. If you are being picked up for your date, be on time. This shows respect for each other from the get go.
  3. Give Sincere Compliments. It is good to make your date feel good about themselves. Whether it be that they look really nice, they have good taste in food, or whatever impresses you, tell them. It is not good first date etiquette to give false compliments.
  4. Make Eye Contact. Your date will be watching you to see if you look in their eyes. People who avoid eye contact have something to hide. This can be disturbing to your date. Looking them in the eyes will show them that you are truly interested in them and what they have to say.
  5. Use Your Manners. This is not just dating advice for men, women need them too. Men, open doors for your date. Women, let them. Thanks you's, please's, you're welcome's all go a long way to show how polite you are on a first date.
  6. Keep The Conversation Flowing. Show interest in your date by asking questions about their family, job, interests and hobbies. First date conversations should be about learning who the other person is. 
  7. Flirting With Your Date Is A Good Thing. This shows your date that you like them and are having fun. Make each other laugh. A wink and a smile can do wonders for that person.

First Date Do Not's

  1. Do Not Talk On Your Cell Phone During The Date. It is plain rude to sit and chat with someone else on the phone when your date is sitting across the table from you. Unless it is an emergency, just leave the phone alone. 
  2. Give Your Date Space. When you are talking to your date, respect their personal space bubble. There is nothing that will shut a date down faster than personal space invasion. If you have ever seen the Seinfeld episode of the 'close talker' you will understand how irritating this can be.
  3. It Is Not All About You. As much as you may like to talk about yourself and all of your wonderful accomplishments, your date is not there to have an all encompassing first date course on 'YOU'. Keep it real and balanced.
  4. Avoid The Taboo Subjects. This list can be lengthy, yet if not adhered to, the conversation can turn south quickly. Religion, politics, past relationships, break-ups, gossip, marriage, kids and secrets are off limits. If your relationship progresses, there will be time for all of that later.
  5. Don't Be Someone You Are Not.  This is bad, bad, bad first date etiquette. If you can't be yourself around this person, then they are not worth your time. Stay true to your values and ideals. No one is worth changing them for.
  6. Do Not Be Crude.  No belching. No farting. No swearing. No fighting. No gossip. No flirting with other people. No eyeballing anyone else. You are not out with the guys (or girls for that matter), you are out with someone special.

The end of the date is a perfect time to show first date etiquette. The eternal question always presents itself: What about a kiss? Well that is a personal, date-by-date scenario. Do what feels right at the time. It is never good to pressure the other party into doing something they don't want to do.  I will never forget one first date I had. The whole way home the poor boy gripped the steering wheel, strangling the poor thing. I fully had no intentions of kissing him, but he didn't know that. When we got to my house I bounced up to the door step and said, "thank you!" Just then he deflated and relaxed. It wasn't right & it was the best ending for the date.
The best way to end a first date is, "Can I call you again?" This is only if you intend to do so, this is good dating etiquette. Be sincere when you say thank you and make sure you let them know if you had a good time. Again, use eye contact, then they will know you mean it. Best wishes out there navigating the dating world!  It is a good time!

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