German Dining Etiquette - Lederhosen Not Required...

These German dining etiquette tips will have you eating in style. In fact, these tips will make it so you will not be required to wear lederhosen and you will still fit in with the group!

If you are invited to eat at someone's home or eat out with a group of people, there are certain customs that are particular to Germans. If you want to make the right impression on people, then these ideas will help you out. 

German Dining EtiquetteIt is appropriate to wait to be seated. Generally, there is assigned seating when you are eating with a group. Remember the saying "everything I needed to know I learned in elementary?" It is true!

Follow the host or hostess. It is customary to wait until they place the napkin in their lap before doing so for yourself. German dining etiquette says that you would be doing well to follow the host or hostess with everything. That will make sure that you do not do something that you should not do. 

Germans also eat using the continental style. This means that they will eat while holding the fork in the left hand the knife in the right hand. 

Although it may break your diet, it is considered rude to leave food on your plate at the end of the meal. So, make sure that you are up for eating everything that is on your plate. And, as with everything etiquette, chewing with your mouth closed is a must. 

Elbows are not supposed to be placed on the table. In order to give off the best impression, it is important to follow the rules of the area. This will help you hold the right position in people's mind. 

Bread is not supposed to be cut. It is supposed to be broken.

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