Global Business Etiquette Tips

Proper global business etiquette is a must if you are going to be doing business abroad and with people from other countries. These tips will do the trick...

Do not be as conscious about time. You should be on time, but not every country is as sensitive about time as Americans are. Relax and do not be offended if you are dealing with someone that comes from a country with a more relaxed atmosphere. Proper American business etiquette means to show up on time, but with global business etiquette, there is room for leeway. 

Global Business EtiquetteWith business cards, there are rules of etiquette to follow. You should not exchange cards until after you have been introduced. Also, treat the card with respect. Do not put it in your pocket. Look at the card and acknowledge it. You want to respect the other person. 

Dining etiquette in other countries. If you are going to be eating for business in a foreign country, you should spend a little time researching table etiquette tips for that country. Every where is a little bit different and a little research will go a long way to make the right impression. 

When it comes to business attire, the best thing you could do for global business etiquette would be to dress conservatively. I always like to dress up (suit) for business meetings because it is a faux pas to not be dressed up enough. With a suit, I look professional for any meeting and if the meeting is more casual, I can always take off my jacket, take off my tie, and undo some buttons to match the others there. 

Know your handshakes. In America, we like to give a good, firm handshake. In other countries, this is not the case. I have spent several years in France and they DO NOT give firm handshakes. In fact, they think you are trying to hurt them if you give them a firm handshake. Many Oriental countries still bow as a sign of respect. It is good to know japanese business etiquette or chinese business etiquette to show respect. Know the customs of the place where you are going. 

When it comes to global business manners, the best thing you could do is to spend a little time researching what their customs are. There is nothing worse than ignorance killing a business deal because you didn't know what is customary in that area.

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