Going to my best friend's sister's birthday party...

Going to my best friend's sister's birthday party...

by Kristina

My best friend's sister is having a birthday party. I will be hanging out with my friend not participating at her sister's party. Do I need to bring a gift???

Aug 29, 2011
Best Friend's Sister's Party Gift
by: Wendy (Modern Manners and Etiquette)

Thank you for your question.

You have a valid question, as it is your best friend's sister's birthday party. There really are no cut and dry rules involved with this type of gift giving etiquette.

Here is what I would do. If I were attending a party for someone, even if I didn't know them very well or knew them through a mutual acquaintance, I would bring something for them. I say this, because I will be participating (or hanging out) in the celebration that has been thrown on their behalf.

A gift in this setting does not have to be anything grand and humungous. It could be as simple as a gift bag with lotion or a candle or something to that effect. Or you may ask your best friend if she is getting her sister anything and you could chip in with her. That way you have added to the birthday celebration.


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