Golf Rules Etiquette - Impress Others While Having Fun

Golf rules etiquette is an important part of golfing. Not only will it help you from offending other golfers, but it will also help you influence others in a positive way. Here is what I mean...

Golf Rules EtiquetteMany people play golf for the social aspect of the game. It is a time for people to get out, relax, and have fun. Today, people actually use the golf course as a way of conducting business. That means, you need to be on your game. Not just your golf game, but also your golf etiquette game. 

If you have spent any amount of time golfing, you have found those golfing groups that have no manners or etiquette. They made you angry and you didn't want to golf with them anymore. You want to make sure that people do not feel that way about you. 

In order to avoid that, here are a few tips on golf rules etiquette to help you make the right impression...

Golf Rules Etiquette Tips

1. Reserve a tee time and be there on time - Your etiquette for golf actually begins before you get there. Make sure you have a tee time reservation...and then be on time. It is nice to show up early. Not only is this considerate, but it also allows you time to warm up. 

2. Be courteous - When other people are swinging, you need to know two things: Don't move and don't talk. This is considered very rude and others will find it offensive. If you are on the course for business, there will be plenty of time to conduct business between shots, and after the round. There is no reason to offend people by talking during their shot. 

Golf Course Etiquette3. Leave no trace - I learned this rule when I was a boy scout. It meant that when you went camping, you should leave the campsite looking like no one had ever been there. 

In golf, it is the same thing. Golf etiquette says that when you hit your ball in the sand, you should rake the sand and make it look like no one was ever there. You do not want to hit the ball out of someone else's footprint and you do not want others to hit out of yours. 

4. Speed of play - Be conscious of your speed of play. Golf rules etiquette would allow a faster group to play through. The group behind would appreciate the courtesy and you also will not feel so rushed. 

5. Golf carts - A golf cart should speed up play, not slow it down. So, instead of using the cart to drive through the bunkers or water hazards, use them to quickly move to the next shot. 

Ideally, you would keep your golf cart on the paths as much as possible. This will also prevent you from damaging the course. Speaking of damaging the course...

6. Repair your divots - The golf course is there to be enjoyed by all. If you make a divot, then take the time to replace the divot. Some courses will provide you with sand and seed to repair the divot. It is good golf course etiquette to take care of the course and ensure that the course can be enjoyed by others. 

7. Play the ball where it lands - This is one rule that many people will be frustrated with you if you do not follow it. You should hit the ball where it lies. The only exception to this is when you are on the green. You can use a ball marker on the green so that you can pick up your ball to clean it off before putting. Other than that, you really should hit the ball from where it landed. 

These golf rules etiquette tips should keep you from offending others and enable you to use the round of golf to impress others.  As with all aspects in life, use the golden rule and you will enjoy yourself even more.

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