Halloween Etiquette

~Spooking Politely~

Halloween etiquette... Why do we need something called Halloween etiquette? It is a holiday that can be fun, but can become quite annoying quickly.

Halloween parties and trick-or-treating are the funnest part of the holiday. It is a time when you can let your hair down and 'become' someone different for a night. Your kids will get all sugared up and the music and games are the best. 

Halloween Parties

If you are throwing a Halloween party have fun with it. Be the scariest, best host ever. Good party etiquette is the best way to have a smashing good time. Be sure to invite your guests at least 2 weeks before. Let your guests know if it is a kid friendly party or if it is an adult party. That way they can plan accordingly.halloween etiquette

On the night of the party, wear a costume. It will help set the mood of the party. Make sure you greet each one of your guests at door. This way you can introduce everyone and help them get to know each other. Have some activities planned, but don't fret about keeping a schedule. It is more fun and relaxed when things aren't mapped out to the minute.

You will want to keep the food and drinks coming for the guests. It is easy to find fun, Halloween-type snacks. Guests love it when there is fun, spooky food to eat. If you are circulating among your guests, you will know if they need anything.

Guests... make sure you bring a little something for the host of the party. This will show your good manners and gratitude for having been invited. Be sure to help the hosts as needed. They are busy with everyone, so if you see a need, fill it. They will love it.


This is the funnest part of Halloween for the kids. They totally love to dress up and get free candy. Teaching your kids Halloween etiquette will help them have the best time that night. Most importantly it will help them stay safe.

  • Wear a costume... If you are going trick-or-treating wear an appropriate costume. Halloween is not an excuse to look like a tramp or act like an idiot. Masks are fun, however most people answering their doors are not a fan. They like to see who they are giving their candy to. Wearing make-up is a great substitute for a mask.
  • Look for a doorbell... Ring it once, and once only. If there is not a doorbell it is okay to knock, again once only. Give the people time to answer the door. This may take a few seconds...relax the candy is coming.
  • Say "trick-or-treat"... It is why you are there, so say it happily. The peo


    Running through your neighborhood screaming is not a good idea. Have fun, but don't be annoying.

    ple at the door may ask questions and say things about your costumes. Answer them politely and smile.
  • Say "Thank You!"... this is part of the golden rule. There is nothing people like to hear more than a 'thank you' when they are sharing with you. If your kids need a little prompting, do it. 
  • Go to a house once... It is not good Halloween etiquette to go back to a house you have already been to. 
  • If the lights are off the house is closed... This means that they have either run out of candy or they are not there. 
  • If you have a driver's license you are too old... There has never been a set cutoff age for trick-or-treating, however when you have reached Jr. High or middle school (13 years old) it is time to stop. The only exception to this rule is if you are taking a younger sibling trick-or-treating.
Halloween etiquette is rather simple and if used your night will be a lot more fun. People love manners and polite Halloween guests.

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