Housewarming Party Etiquette

Have you recently moved into a new home and you want to throw a housewarming party? What is proper housewarming party etiquette? These tips and ideas will help you throw a great party without offending anyone. 

When To Have The Housewarming Party

Think of the name of the is a housewarming party. That means you should have had a little time to make the place your home. Everything does not need to be perfect (since it never will be), but you should have the majority of the boxes unpacked and put away. 

Housewarming Party EtiquettePeople are coming over to see the new home. In order to make the best impression, you want to ensure that the home is ready for them to view. 

At the very least, you will want the high traffic areas (kitchen, living room, dining room) assembled as that is where the majority of the people will be for the party. 

You should also make the housewarming party at a time when people can attend. Since many people work during the day, the appropriate time would be a weekday evening, or on a weekend. 

Offer to give your attendees a tour of the home. That is great etiquette and it allows them to see the new home as well as hear what you plan on doing with it.


When do you send out invitations? Proper housewarming party etiquette says that since this is not a formal affair, you can send them anywhere from four days before to three weeks before the party. 

Some people wonder if they should register at a store (like they would for a wedding) for the party. Although there are some that do register, I think it is tacky and tasteless. I think it conveys the message that you are having the party just so people will bring you gifts. 

If you do decide to register, never list that information on the invitation. That is not proper etiquette for this kind of an event. You would only let them know about the registry if they ask. 

If you are having a themed party, then make sure you tell them on the invitation so that they can dress appropriately. In most cases, these parties are going to be pretty casual in nature. 


Should you offer food for the party? Absolutely. A light meal that can keep well for a period of time works wonders. 

The best housewarming parties I have seen are the open house style (instead of having the party at a specific time, you provide a time period where people can just stop by). With that in mind, you will want to offer food that can keep well during that time. 

Sandwiches would be a great thing to offer, or if you wanted to do something like pasta salad or soup. These things will be good to offer during the open house time period. 


Although the host should not expect to receive a gift, proper housewarming party etiquette suggests that you take a gift. It does not have to be much, but you should take them one anyway. 

What would be some good ideas? Having flowers delivered is one great way to welcome someone to a new home. 

That is the key. Think about things that would welcome them to a new home. Kitchen items would be a great gift. If the homeowners are first-time homeowners, they may not have much for decorating their home. They might appreciate a gift certificate to a home decor shop or a home improvement store. 

Food and wine are also acceptable gifts for the owners. I prefer to provide them something for the house as it will last longer and be more memorable. That is the kind of impression that I would like to make. 

I hope that these housewarming party etiquette ideas will help you make the most of your next party.

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