How do I ask for monetary gifts for my high school graduation party?

How do I ask for monetary gifts for my high school graduation party?

by Pacianna
(Bloomfield, New Jersey)

I don't want to seem rude or ungrateful because I know its tacky but the only thing left that I need is my laptop and hoping to get envelopes so it can go toward my laptop expenses. I just don't know how to say it properly in the invite.

Jul 27, 2011
Cash Gifts At Graduation
by: Kevin (Modern Manners and Etiquette)

Thanks for the question.

I have good news and bad news for you. Let's start with the bad news so that we end on a positive note.

The bad news is that you don't ask for cash gifts. It is not only tacky, but it is rude to tell people what to give you as a gift. When people think enough of you to give you a gift, you should be honored and receive it as they gave it. That is the right thing to do.

Here is the good news: The vast majority of people will give you cash for a graduation gift anyway. Sure, some people will try to find something to give you, but the majority of them know that you will need money to move on to the next phase of your life.

Even though everyone is different, I personally have never given a gift when someone graduates. It has always been cash that we have given.

So, go ahead and send out the invitations, but do not make any mention of what you want to receive as a gift. I think you will find that it will all work out to your benefit.

Congratulations on your graduation!

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