How do I be professional though I do not know anything after promotion to a high office surrounded by witty young people , who observe me in an uneasy way , as I was promoted late?

How do I be professional though I do not know anything after promotion to a high office surrounded by witty young people , who observe me in an uneasy way , as I was promoted late?

by Mike
(Mumbai, India)

I am one of the prominent people in the church, and I was in the position to take over the administrative activities of the church. That position was given to many youngsters who are inexperienced. This is due to politics happening in there, but due to the fact that I have potential in me, I was promoted.

I am 32 years old, they are around 20 years,

Many mistakes happen in front of them like I am not able to concentrate in my speeches, the other admin activities, I go on to speak something I ought not to speak or suggest others, also I have to travel around 16 miles one way in heavy traffic per day.

They come up in a manner that I am a hopeless guy. they always see me in a dejected way.

They are unmarried and I have one son age 4 years. Even he is very mischievous, adding to my frustrations. Please help me. How can I balance my activity? The same thing is also happening in my secular activity. Please, please, please suggest something to at least relieve me or to show that I am not a zombie......

Aug 26, 2011
Working With Younger People
by: Kevin (Modern Manners and Etiquette)

You are not a zombie... That part was easy ;-)

Let's talk about your son first of all. I am sure he adds to your frustrations. Welcome to being a parent. I have two children and there are certainly times that they try my patience and frustrate me. However, there are also times that they are amazingly sweet, touching, and fantastic kids. The trick is to look for the good in them and accentuate it. The rest usually takes care of itself. Be a little patient with your four year old. He is just trying to figure things out too.

In regards to your work at church, I would take things with a grain of salt. I remember being in my early twenties and believing that I knew everything in life. I thought I was bulletproof, couldn't be hurt by anything, and did many things that were inconsiderate because of my pride.

Now I realize that life is fragile, I do get hurt (physically and emotionally), and that there are many things that I do not know.

These people are also in a different stage of life than you are. They are not married and do not have children. Marriage and kids will force people to grow up in a hurry. The people you work with have not had a spouse and children relying on them day in and day out. There is a completely different mindset in that type of environment.

There isn't much that I am going to be able to say that will change the people you work with. Since you cannot change them, you have to work on changing you.

My whole point in talking about their stage of life and their mindset is that in order to get along with people, you have to first understand them. By being aware of their life circumstances, you begin to understand them so that you can communicate with them in a meaningful way.

Although I do not know the particulars of your situation, it seems as though there is a miscommunication somewhere. Gaining perspective on their situation will improve the communication issues.

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