How do I RSVP to a wedding invitation?

How do I RSVP to a wedding invitation?

My husband and I were both invited to a wedding, but only I will attend. The RSVP card has an "M" on it. Do I fill in Mrs. John Smith will attend or is it okay to simply put Linda Smith will attend?

Apr 05, 2011
Wedding RSVP
by: Wendy (Modern Manners and Etiquette)

Thank you for your question!

In your situation with only one of you attending the wedding, it is best to RSVP in the style you were invited. For example: if you were invited as Mr. & Mrs. John Smith, you should respond as Mrs John Smith. At the end of the response line you could put that Mr. John Smith sends his regrets on not being able to attend. This will avoid any confusion with who is attending and who is not.

Have a fabulous time at the wedding!

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