Is it appropriate to throw a party for some who was laid off from work?

Is it appropriate to throw a party for some who was laid off from work?


A woman I know thinks it is okay to have a going away party for a gentleman who is being laid off. The gentleman is in serious financial straits because of losing his job. This doesn't seem to be the right occasion, but this woman tends to do whatever makes her feel good.

Jul 22, 2011
Going Away Party
by: Kevin (Modern Manners and Etiquette)

Regardless of what the woman wants to do, this idea is not only is downright thoughtless and rude.

First of all, there is very little to celebrate when people are being laid off. This is generally not a happy time in people's life and there is now way for this to be acceptable.

I remember a few times in my career when there have been layoffs at various places I have worked. It was not a pleasant time and people were sad, hurt, and angry. Having a party only sends the message that they are happy to see the person leaving.

When you add on the complexity of this person struggling to make ends meet without the job, you have a situation where a party is not appropriate.

You really should tell the person that the party is not acceptable. If she decides to do it, do not attend or bring anything. If you help in anyway, this disaster will be attributed to you and that is not the reputation that you want for yourself.

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