Is it ok to invite the mother of an ex-boyfriend to my wedding?

Is it ok to invite the mother of an ex-boyfriend to my wedding?

by Kay
(Omaha, NE, USA)

I moved out of state for a guy and became really good friends with his mother. He and I were together for several years, but amicably split. I have stayed in the town where his family is from and get together with his mother to have lunch occasionally. We do not talk about him and he has since moved out of state with his job. She knows I have been seeing a new person for several years and is happy that I found someone. What should I do?

Aug 29, 2011
Wedding Invite
by: Wendy (Modern Manners and Etiquette)

Thank you for your question.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! It is such an exciting time in your life as you get ready to start your life with the man you love. Enjoy the journey!

It is not uncommon for people to become attached to family members of relationships that they have had. It looks like you have a wonderful friend in this woman. I am sure it has been so nice to have this friendship as you have been living out of your home state.

It sounds like you could simply call her a friend now, rather than the mother of your ex-boyfriend. In those terms it is very appropriate for you to invite her to your wedding. She is happy for you and has made a difference in your life. I can certainly understand why you would like her to share in your day.

Good luck with planning and your new life!

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