Is there proper etiquette for a Private Jet flight attendant?

Is there proper etiquette for a Private Jet flight attendant?

by nikki
(ahoskie, nc, usa)

I have recently applied for a job as a private jet flight attendant, and I want to make sure I use the correct etiquette while I'm serving the passengers on the plane. Please let me know what is required thanks a lot.

Oct 26, 2010
Flight attendant etiquette
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your question!
As you will generally be working with a more upscale clientele, it is essential that you maintain good poise, knowledge, confidence and polish.
First of all, take the time to listen to those you will be serving. Meeting their needs starts there.
Next, be sure to have experience in the upscale culinary industry. You will be preparing and serving food and drinks to your clients. They love a pretty plate served with a smile.
And as with anything, basic manners will get you far. Pleases, thank yous, you are welcome's, what can I do for yous? are all very basic, however they have quickly become a lost art.
Best Wishes with your job interview!

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