My boyfriend's brother invited my boyfriend's ex-wife should I go or not?

My boyfriend's brother invited my boyfriend's ex-wife should I go or not?

by Kris

I found out my boyfriend's ex is going to be at the wedding. Now, I don't feel comfortable going. I've never met his family before they were married 15 years. What should I do?

Aug 24, 2011
Not invited
by: Anonymous

Agree with previous comment. You should go. My boyfriend of nearly 2 yrs is going to wedding his cousins wedding. His wife invited and he is taking her there! My daughter and I not invited even though I have met them, apparently only family invited. Second time this has happened. They have been divorced 8 yrs and only speak when family get togethers are happening. Don't know how to take this.

Aug 08, 2011
Attend the Wedding or Not?
by: Kevin (Modern Manners and Etiquette)

Divorce is a difficult thing. Even after the divorce is complete, there are plenty of times that the "ex" shows up at family events. After all, they did share part of their life together and a divorce does not change that aspect of their history.

With that in mind, I think you are going to find that his ex-wife will pop up at other events in the future as well. So, you might as well get it out of the way and make the best of it.

Usually, you are going to compare yourself to her and she is going to do the same with you. Although the initial meeting will be cordial, there is a whole lot of feelings and emotions going on that will be unspoken.

Just do your best to be understanding, courteous, and graceful and you will come out ahead in the end.

Good luck with the wedding!

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