My brother gave me a cd that I already had, I gave it back to him and explained I already had that one, bad move?

My brother gave me a cd that I already had, I gave it back to him and explained I already had that one, bad move?

by Brian
(Charlestown R.I.)

I hope I didn't offend my brother but, he said he didn't have that movie himself and I thought I had it when I opened it at Christmas. I told him I would look and sure enough, I did have it in my collection. He took it back but, I don't know if I offended him or not. Should I have just accepted it and said nothing or did I do the right thing? Thank you for helping me, I don't know if I hurt his feelings or not. Brian

Apr 18, 2011
by: Anonymous

Wendy, Thank you for your comment but, being a Christmas present, labels are normally removed and of course, I don't think he kept the receipt because, as we all know, people don't want others to know how much they spent. Now, with that being said, I figured I would ask if he had that movie first to make sure it would go to a needy home. So, returning it was not an option. He didn't look hurt, I was just wondering if I did the right thing. I feel that at the very least, he now has a movie for his collection. The only other thing I guess I could have done was to accept it and then have 2 or try to give it away at another time. I don't like either one of these 2 options. Well, like I said, thank you so much for the reply, Brian

Apr 18, 2011
Gift Return
by: Wendy

Thank you for your question.

Here is how I would have handled the situation. I would have taken the gift, thanked him for it and told him that he has great taste, because you already have that one. In that case he knows you appreciated the thought he put into it.

If someone were to do this for me and a gift I had selected for them, I would then tell them where I got it and allow them to go and pick something that they don't have. If they were to give it back to me it would hurt my feelings.
If you are afraid that you have offended him, just ask. That way you can apologize and mend what needs to be.

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