My ex's brother is getting married in a couple weeks, Should i send a gift?

My ex's brother is getting married in a couple weeks, Should i send a gift?

by Amy

They got engaged while I was with my ex and I was friendly with his fiance to be. We only broke up 2 months ago, it will be 3 months when they get married. I haven't talked to any of his family since the break up but I do know the wedding date and their address so i figured I'd send a nice card and $20. Should I do it or just leave it alone?

Jun 27, 2011
Gift for the brother?
by: Kevin (Modern Manners and Etiquette)

Usually when people ask us questions about weddings and ex relationships, it usually has to do with attending or inviting them. Those are the situations that you need to worry about and tread very lightly.

In this case, your question was should you send them a card and a cash gift? Really, there is no harm in doing so.

Some people would read into it that you are trying to get back together with them, but that is easy to get rid of. It is really just a matter of letting them know that you are thinking of them during their special time and that you are happy for them.

A nice card and a gift is a very classy thing to do. It is a great way to make an impression on people.

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