Office Manners - How To Influence The Right People In The Workplace

Proper office manners and etiquette are more important than ever before. When times arise that unemployment is high and companies are downsizing, you need to do all that you can to be secure in your job. 

Think about it this way, if the company needs to do some layoffs and you have made a bad impression in the office, you could be one of the first targets. We don't want that to happen to you. I was fired from a company once because I was disrespectful to one of the vice presidents of the company. I learned a painful lesson and I want to see you avoid my mistake. 

So, here are some tips that will help you do the right thing in the business place.

Office Manners Tips

Office Manners1. Show proper business email etiquette. I know plenty of people who use company email to forward jokes, crude videos, and offensive pictures. You never know how people are going to feel about the materials you send on. Plus, that is not the kind of reputation you want. Only use your company email for business matters. 

2. Remember your business telephone etiquette. No one wants to hear your personal conversations while you are on the office phone. If the call is personal, use your cell phone and go outside or somewhere else where the call can be private. Also, remember to keep your voice level in check. No one likes the person who is yelling on the phone. 

3. Dress to impress. Office attire should not be provocative or unkempt. You do not want either of the stereotypes that accompany either of those styles of clothing and dress. Let people know the type of person you are by the way that you dress. 

4. Office or cubicle decorations should be tasteful and proper for the workplace. Decorations should add to the office environment. If they take away from that, then they do not belong in the office. Using good cubicle etiquette goes a long way with your decorations.

5. Profanity should not be used in the workplace. It does not matter how frustrated you get, you should never use it in the office. There are those that will be offended, and there are also people who will change their opinion of you (in a negative way). In extreme cases, you could even find people that feel you have sexually harassed them. You do not need that kind of a problem. 

6. Motivate others. The old rule of praise in public and criticize in private is applicable. You do not want people to label you as the person who is a backstabber or the pessimist. This type of office manners will make an impression on others. 

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