Prom Etiquette - Make That Night Unbelievable

Proper prom etiquette can help you take the stress and discomfort out of the event, and make it a memorable experience to last a lifetime. Follow these steps to have the perfect night. 

Prom Etiquette

The Invite

Before asking that special someone to the prom, you need to think about it beforehand. Is conversation easy between you? There is nothing worse that being on a date with someone you have a hard time talking to. 

Prom EtiquetteAlso think about if that person likes to dance or not. If one of you likes to dance and the other does not, that will make prom a difficult time as well. The main point here is that you want to go to the prom with someone that you know, you get along with well, and that is similar to you. 

Traditionally, the boy would ask the girl out to the event. But, times have changed. It is not uncommon for the girl to ask the boy. In some areas, they have different dances that are boy's preference (the boy asks the girl) and other dances where it is girl's preference.  Just follow the prom etiquette for your area. 

Boys - Although this will not make sense to you, the dress is one of the most important parts of the prom experience. You need to ask the girl in advance enough so that she has time to find the perfect dress. So, use your prom manners and ask her early enough that she has time to shop for the dress. 


Usually proms are a formal event. Boys will usually rent a tuxedo instead of purchasing one. Most boys are not going to wear a tuxedo unless they have to, so there is not a lot of sense in purchasing one. 

For the girls, it is all about the dress! They will want to look perfect. Most of them will buy a dress because they will want to remember that special night. 

It is always a nice touch to ensure that the couple matches their colors. They should talk before the prom and find colors that will go well together with each other's outfit. 

It is also important for your prom etiquette to ensure that the corsage matches the dress. Guys, I highly suggest getting a corsage that goes on her wrist instead of pinning it on. Pinning on a corsage in front of her parents is enough to make any guy nervous!

If you do not know the rules of corsage etiquette, it is worth a quick refresher course. 

Prom EtiquetteTransportation

You will need to have a way to get to and from dinner and the prom. You can always drive and pick them up in your car, or you could rent a limo. Renting a limousine is a nice touch but can be a huge expense. You have to pay for the time you need the vehicle and the tip for the driver. All of this can add up quickly. 

Also keep in mind that some limousine companies do not rent their vehicles out for prom. They have had some bad experiences and choose not to do it. If you do want to go this route, you will need to make your reservations in plenty of time and shop around to find a company that is willing to do it. 

If you want to keep the cost low, share the limo with a few couples and have them pitch in for the expenses. It makes this high class item fit better in a tight budget. 


Typically, proper prom etiquette suggests that the gentleman choose the restaurant. However, I have found that people have the best experience if they ask the person about their favorite type of food and choose accordingly. 

I know people that have food allergies to seafood and if they had a date that chose a seafood restaurant, it would make for an uncomfortable moment and put a damper on the evening. 

Make sure you select it early and make reservations if required. 

Final Touches

Guys - It is important to impress the girl's parents and get them on your side. If they are like most parents, they naturally do not like you because all parents that love their children truly believe that no one is good enough for their daughter. That includes you!

So, the easy way around this is to converse with the parents before the girl comes to the door. She will want to make an entrance (chances are, she will not be the one answering the door), so you will have time to have a brief conversation with the parents. 

Call them by their last name (Mr. and Mrs. Smith) and ask them when they would like her to be home. Now, if you are going to ask when they want her home, you better have her there at that time or they will hate you for bringing it up and not living by it. 

If you do have a corsage that requires a pin, hand it to the mother and let her pin it on. That reduces the awkward moment for everyone. 

Parents will watch you when you leave, so be sure to open the door for her and treat her like a queen. They may not think you are good enough for her, but if you treat her the right way, you can impress them by showing her the respect she deserves. 

These prom etiquette tips will help you get the most out of your evening. Enjoy this special occasion!

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