Resume Etiquette Tips To Get Your Resume To Stand Out From The Crowd...

Resume etiquette is an often overlooked aspect of manners and etiquette. Even though it is often overlooked, you can use resume manners to help increase your chances of being called in for an interview

The first and most important tip is to ensure that you have a quality objective on your resume. I have seen too many resumes where the objective is so vague and non-descriptive that it probably hurts you more to have it on there than it does to not have it on there. 

Resume Etiquette TipsSo, how do you write a good objective? Stop thinking in terms of trying to sell yourself. Start thinking in terms of the eyes of the employer. What are they looking for in the candidate for the position? What can you offer them? Can you save them time or money? Do you have unique qualifications that would make you an ideal candidate? 

Your objective should be written with the idea that tells them what would be in it for them if they were to hire you. Ideally, you would write a different objective for each resume that you send out. This is one of the easiest ways to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Most other people will not spend the time to do this the right way. 

Another part of resume etiquette is to avoid terminology that people will not understand. The acronyms that you are using may be common your industry, but potential employers may not understand what you are saying.  The person reading your resume should never have to guess what you are trying to convey

Providing references is another overlooked part of proper resume manners. If you do not put references, it looks like you are trying to hide something. Most employers would never call the references, but it is good to include them. 

The references are always going to be better if it is someone that has been your supervisor in the past. Before you list them, you should contact them and let them know you are adding them as a reference, this is good business etiquette. That way, they will know they are being listed and you can get a feel for the type of reference they might give you. 

If you cannot find a supervisor that is willing to give you a good reference, then use other acquaintances as necessary. 

Resume length is a highly debated topic and there is not really a consensus out there. For proper resume etiquette, I recommend people keep their resume to one page if going for more of an entry level position, if you are applying for senior positions, you should not exceed two pages. 

Following these resume tips will help you build a strong resume that will get you an interview.

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