Ring Finger Etiquette

~Showcasing Your Love~

Ring Finger Etiquette is rich in tradition and history. There are many stories as to why wedding bands are worn on the 4th finger of the hand, however different cultures wear the band on different hands.

wedding ringsWhen a man proposes to the woman he loves, traditionally he gives her a ring as a sign of his love for her. As a circle, it is a symbol of the endless bond that he wants to share with her. It is evidence of a betrothal of his love.

According to historians, the wedding ring dates back to the ancient Egyptians. Their tradition consisted of braiding papyrus into a circle believing that it represented timelessness. They believed that the two rings would bind them together in eternal love and life.

According to the Romans, the wedding ring was to be worn on the ring finger of the left hand, because they believed that there is a vein, called the vena amoris, that was directly connected to the heart. The hole in the center of the ring represented the known and unknowns in life. They also were the ones to begin wearing rings of iron, which showed the man's strength. Later on in the marriage, as the woman showed she was trustworthy, the ring would switch to gold or silver.

Modern traditions show that the wedding ring is worn differently across cultures. Western culture wedding ring etiquette will place the engagement ring and wedding band on the ring finger of the left hand. In some European countries, ring finger etiquette will keep both on the right hand. Other places will have the engagement ring on the right hand until the marriage takes place, and at that time it is switched over to the left hand. Any way you wear it, the ring is a symbol of the union two people have entered in to.

One of the greatest things about modern tradition and engagement/wedding rings is there are no rules as to what type of stone you have. Traditionally the ring would have a diamond, which has been a symbol of timeless beauty. However, it is really up to tastes of the bride and groom. I have seen beautiful wedding rings made from pearls, rubies, emeralds, and textured bands. The only thing that needs to be followed here is ring finger etiquette... place it on the 4th finger.

On the big day, if the bride has an engagement ring and and wedding band, it is good wedding etiquette for her to switch the engagement ring over to her other hand until after the wedding band has been placed. Then she can switch the engagement ring back over to join with the wedding band.

It is becoming more and more common for men to wear wedding rings. Proper ring finger etiquette for them is the same as the bride. It is to be worn on the 4th finger of the hand. When the groom joins the bride in wearing a wedding band, it is a visible symbol of the endless bond they have formed together.

The ring is a beautiful way to showcase your union as a couple. Hold to the traditions of your culture and the history of the wedding ring. It gives more depth to this symbol of your love.

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