Salutations in Business

Salutations in Business

by David

When responding to a written request for additional information on our firm's professional services what is the best salutation to utilize when I have both person's name & title whether male of female?

Oct 14, 2010
Business Salutation Tips
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your question about business salutations.

There are several rules to follow here:

1. If you are writing to a company and not a person, your salutation would be Dear ABC Company: (This is considered informal though)
2. If you are writing a business letter, then you would address it Dear (name): As an example, Dear Mr. Smith: or Dear Ms. Doe:
3. If it is a social business letter, then the opening would be Dear John, (the comma makes it less formal and more social than the colon)
4. If you do not know the person or do not know them well, it is proper to use Dear (full name):

Hope these business salutation etiquette tips help you out!


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