Sauna Etiquette To Keep People Around You

Why is sauna etiquette important? Well, see if you have ever had an experience like this before...

You go to the sauna to relax and enjoy your time there. As you get in there, you find several people that are talking loudly about how terrible their work is. They are breathing heavily over your shoulder and you find that they do not have towels on. 

Sauna EtiquetteIf you have experienced anything like what I just described, then you know exactly why sauna manners are so important. If you are not thoughtful of others in the sauna, you could find that you are the one ruining everyone else's experience. 

So, here are some sauna etiquette tips on how to use the sauna properly:

Follow the sauna rules for the area you live in - In some countries, it is proper etiquette to wear a towel in the sauna. In others, it is common to not wear a towel. You should educate yourself first on the rules of where you are at. If you are offended by people not wearing a towel, then you might need to switch countries or go to a private sauna. 

Shower before you go in the sauna - If you were working out previously or were swimming and you smell like chlorine, it is proper etiquette to shower before you get in. No one wants to smell your sweat or the chlorine. 

Staring at people is impolite - In all honesty, staring at people is considered rude in almost any setting. However, this is especially true where the sauna is concerned. Others might feel self conscious about their bodies and staring just accentuates their feelings. 

Make as little sound as possible - One of the major reasons people go in the sauna is relax and clear their mind. This becomes hard to do when all you can hear is people breathing heavily, or telling some story about the fight with their spouse. Be polite of others, in other words use the golden rule. 

Personally, I am a conservative person and so I would definitely use a towel when I use the sauna. Plus, it kind of creeps me out to think of someone else sitting naked in the same spot I am now sitting. 

These tips on sauna etiquette will make sure that good times can be had by all!

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