School Manners - How To Have Children Perform Well At School

Teaching children school manners is a task that must begin in the home. If children are not taught these principles in the home, there is no way that children are going to practice the same ideas outside of the home. So, the question is, how do I teach my children to have manners at school?

Fundamental School Etiquette

There are some rules that children should obey at school. Here are the key principles for etiquette at school:

  1. School MannersArrive on time and be in seat before the bell rings. 
  2. Be prepared coming to class. This also includes having homework completed. 
  3. If you want to speak, raise your hand and wait for the teacher to acknowledge you. 
  4. Avoid talking to other students while the teacher is speaking. 
  5. Take care of your school materials.
Okay, so how do parents teach these principles at home? Here are a few suggestions:

Parents need to be involved and engaged in their children's education. I see many parents that are either at one extreme or another. Some parents are not involved at all in their children's education. Children pick this up on a subconscious level and realize that if it isn't important to mom and dad, then it will not be important to them.

The other extreme is parents that are so involved, that they end up doing all the work for their children. It is important to find a balance between these two extremes so that children learn to be accountable and responsible.

It is important to teach children the importance and value of respecting other's time. Your children are going to learn from your habits. If you are late to everything, then your children will learn that same behavior. If you want them to be on time, you must make a commitment to being on time yourself.

Start teaching these school manners lessons early. It is always easier to teach children manners and good habits the younger they are.

Although teaching manners and etiquette are not always the easiest thing and it may seem that the lessons are not being learned, parents must be consistent in their teaching methods. Consistency is the key to helping the children develop these new habits.

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