Should I bring a wedding gift?

Should I bring a wedding gift?

by Marianne

Hi! I am a hairstylist and in a few days I will be traveling out of state to do wedding hair for one of my clients and her wedding party. I have done this often, but this is the first time I will be attending the wedding also and I am unclear if I should bring a wedding gift. I have asked other stylists who have been in the same situation and they have all said no- but I'm still not sure what is appropriate.
The wedding is in just a few days!
Thank you.

Wedding Gift?
by: Wendy (Modern Manners and Etiquette)

Thank you for your question!

You do bring up a good point when you ask if you should bring a gift. There are a couple of ways you can look at it and then make your decision on whether you should take a gift or not.

One thing I am wondering is if you are paying for your travel expenses and supplies. If you are, then that is a wonderful gift that you have given the wedding party. They will look fabulous because of your time and efforts.

Another thing is what does you heart tell you to do? I know this sounds odd, however I am sure that my heart will lead me in the right direction when I am not sure what to do. If it is telling you that you should have a gift for her, then by all means send her a gift.

A great thing would be to find out if and where they are registered and then purchase something that fits your budget. Most of the online registries will ship it to the bride and groom for a minimal charge. That way you do not have to take the gift with you along with all of your supplies.

Another thought would be to send her a card wishing her the best and thanking her for the opportunity you had to attend and help her with her hair.

I hope that this helps you in your decision!
Best wishes!

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