Should we bring a gift?

Should we bring a gift?

by Kathy

A neighbor is having a party for their son-in-law. The daughter is actually having the party at her parent's house (they are our neighbors). We have been invited because it will be noisy so all the neighbors are invited....should we take a gift? We have never met the son-in-law or daughter.

Jul 04, 2011
Bringing Gift to A Party?
by: Kevin (Modern Manners and Etiquette)

My answer is going to be a little limited because it really depends on the purpose of the party.

If it is for a major event (graduation, wedding, baby shower, etc.) then the gift would change depending on the event. For graduation, monetary gifts usually make the most sense.

If it is for a wedding, then gifts around the home are the best. You can always check if they are registered at a store to purchase something on their list.

If it is just a party that they are having just for fun, then a gift is not required but a good idea anyway just to make a good impression. Keep it simple like a bottle of wine, a houseplant, or a basket of fruit. It is really just a nice gesture to show that you appreciate being invited to the party.

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